Welcome to our farm! 

Pheasant Run Farm is a diversified family farm operation located in east-central Iowa.  In addition to the traditional Iowa corn and soybean crops, we raise medicinal and culinary herbs, cut flowers, fruits and vegetables…and three kids!




We believe…


  • in being good stewards for our farm.
  • diversification plus production practices that are practical and sustainable will build a profitable farm and raise responsible children.
  • being directly connected to the consumer through sales and education will build a more sustainable community.
  • sustainably produced food and flowers enrich the soil, keep water supplies clean, and better nourish our bodies.
  • eating healthy meals as a family nourishes both body and mind.



We favor flavor!




ginger harvest greenhouse grape tomatoes


Pheasant Run Farm

Supplying fresh cut flowers, produce, and herbs to local markets in eastern and central Iowa!

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