Sunflower Sunset 

Pheasant Run Farm's 2019 Sunflower Experience has come to an end!

A sincere and heartfelt "thank you" goes out to all our visitors. You helped make our dream of providing a simple, rural setting as a place for individuals and families to make memories come true beyond our wildest imagination! We loved seeing the joy the sunflowers brought to so many, and we loved hearing all your stories and answering your questions!

Keep an eye on our website and social media as we continue the story of the Sunflower Experience. Many of you asked what we're going to do with the sunflowers, so we'll post pictures of the harvest.

We're making plans already for the 2020 Sunflower Experience--we'll share some of those with you, too!

Toddler in Red Boots


We believe… 

  • in being good stewards for our farm by both building our soil through sound agricultural practices and by preparing our children to be good stewards
  • diversification plus production practices that are practical and sustainable builds a profitable farm
  • being directly connected to the consumer through sales and education strengthens our community.
  • sustainably produced food and flowers enrich the soil, keep water supplies clean, and better nourish our bodies and souls.
  • eating healthy meals together as a family nourishes both body and mind.

We favor flavor!


ginger harvest greenhouse grape tomatoes


Pheasant Run Farm

Supplying fresh cut flowers, produce, and herbs to local markets in eastern and central Iowa!

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